There are many types of food I can provide and my catering company delivers as well!  We will bring it all straight to your door, and I will personally host (if you like) and arrange the food for your guests to enjoy!


Hummus platter: with a love carrot rose on top and pita bread.

Olive platter: with gorgeous pickled lemons and EVOO!

Tabulleh salad: with crunchy pita and juicy tomato

Shwarma salad with nuts

Boregs–crispy phyllo dough wrapped around meat, cheese and spinach

Gorgeous meat platters–wild rice with chicken and lamb with farro is one of the favorites!

Chicken-potato skillet: with Mediterranean herbs

Parmesan chicken–our version of the Italian favorite!

Syrian lasagna–like italian, but with a butter-cream sauce instead of tomato

Falafel: with crunchy crust and warm, tasty interior

Sewn lamb pockets–a Syrian favorite!

Stuffed vine leaves

Creamed corn

French fries

Fried chicken with cream and cheese


Caramel creme chocolate pudding

Fruit and creme pudding with shortbread

Gorgeous baklava (with or without creme)

Fire cake (like a firm butterscotch cookie but very crunchy)

Almond pistachio pudding

Jello with fruit (great for kids!)


Rose tea

Mint tea