About Me


I just moved to America with my family from Syria!  We had to move out due to the war, and ended up in Egypt for a few years, some of them in a camp.  I have lived though things that I’d rather never remember, but we survived, and while our hearts weep for our war-torn country, we have heard so much about America that we were happy to move here!

I have three daughters and two sons and a very loving husband who builds wonderful machines.  My American sponsor family and I have been going on many adventures, and I am learning English fast!  I cook many dishes for them and we have regular feasts.  I hope very much to cater for your event and to get to tell you a bit more about my country.  It is $30 per person, and I just need the date, time, location and budget for the event.  My sons, Oman and Azat, help me translate the orders, my husband and I can drive them over (we have a minivan) and my daughters, Lin and Challah, 7 and 8, will sometimes come too to deliver meals!

I am so proud to have just won the Woman of the Year award from Uplift, an organization in Chicago the promotes powerful women!  It was a real honor, and I was able to cater the event as well!  Please see more below, and I hope to meet you (and cook for you) soon!